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Board Member and CEO, Dozie Mbonu and  Chief Science Officer and published botanist, Dr. Carol A. Janerette,  are the Co-founders of Janerette's Eco-Friendly Fungi.  Dr. Janerette's work began with mycorrhizae in 1975.  She envisioned growing super-sized food crops and trees in a shorter time period, re-establishing forests in strip-mined regions and envisioned reclaiming the barren lands of East Africa and other places around the world.  Focusing her work on these objectives, and with the assistance of Chimdi Mbonu, she was able to develop the world's first inoculum from ectomycorrhizal fungi forming endomycorrhizal infection with herbaceous plants which serves as the basis for all of our inoculants.  This innovative invention was patented (financed by Dr. Faith M.  Janerette Mbonu) in the United States and fifteen ( 15 ) other countries and contains a trade secret which no other entity worldwide has been able to duplicate.


This innovative eco-friendly discovery has many benefits:

  • increases nutrient (including minerals such as phosphorus) and water absorption

  • increases root health and longevity

  • increases tolerance to high soil temperatures

  • increases tolerance to toxic heavy metals

  • increases tolerance to extremes in pH and transplant shock


Janerette's inoculants also have several distinct advantages over other mycorrhizal products:

  • derived from ectomycorrhizae, but it forms endomycorrhizal infection with herbaceous plants; allowing virtually all of the world's land plants to benefit from mycorrhizal technology

  • produces crops in drought conditions

  • reclaims unresponsive soils--grows crops in deficient soil and even grows crops in sand

  • minimize or even eradicate fertilizer requirement and run-off contamination

  • reduces pathogens and disease


Although our inoculants deliver all of these remarkable benefits, there are two other distinct benefits that seem to overshadow:


  • extended shelf life

  • increased crop yield

Our inoculants use resting structures of ectomycorrhizal fungi to extend shelf life.  Conclusive research has shown our inoculants continue to be viable 10-years after manufacture.  The 10-year old inoculant even outperforms newly manufactured inoculant when used on specific plants.


Janerette's inoculants were designed to provide an eco-friendly way to increase crop yield over traditional methods.

Conclusive research shows that plants integrated with Janerette's fungal inoculants produce 40 to 65 percent more volume. Results can be much higher depending on the plant type.


Since the creation of our inoculants, extensive research has been carried out ensuring the best products are available.  We have also specifically tailored our formula for various plant types.


All of these tremendous benefits have been packed into our powerful inoculants.  Janerette's eco-friendly products are now ready to take their place at the pinnacle of mycorrhizal application, and become a permanent fixtures throughout the common marketplace among bio-stimulants.


The following images show variations of our inoculants versus normal plant growth (control - untreated samples) and a leading competitor (lower left):

Asparagus Comparison at 2-Months

Asparagus Comparison at 2-Months

Left - Janerette's Cenococcum geophilum (Cg) new inoculant, Middle - Control (untreated), Right - Janerette's Cenococum geophilum (Cg) 10-yr. old inoculant

Asparagus Comparison at 4-months

Asparagus Comparison at 4-months

Left - Janerette's Cenococcum geophilum (Cg) inoculant [over 7ft], Middle - Control (untreated) [4 ft], Right - Janerette's Pisolithus tinctorius (Pt) [7ft]

Maize (Dwarf Corn) Comparison

Maize (Dwarf Corn) Comparison

a - Janerette's Pisolithus tinctorius inoculant, b - control (untreated), c - Janerette's Cenococcum geophilum inoculant

Soybean Comparison

Soybean Comparison

Left - Janerette's new inoculant, Middle - Control (untreated), Right - Janerette's 10-yr old inoculant

Soybean Comparison with Competitor

Soybean Comparison with Competitor

PP - Janerette's Inoculant, O - Control (untreated), PS - Leading Competitor

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