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Dr. Carol A. Janerette (CSO), published botanist, Co-founded and fully financially backed by Dozie O. Mbonu (Board Member and CEO), patents financed by Dr,  Faith M. Janerette Mbonu, and laboratory assisted by Dozie O. Mbonu and Chimdi O. Mbonu.   Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi is an innovative research & development institution active in producing bio-stimulants derived from beneficial fungi using mycorrhizal technology to create sustainable agriculture & forestry solutions, while also combating environmental crises.



Our vision provides worldwide ecological growth and sustainable solutions by expanding and disseminating our patented eco-friendly fungal inoculants, while continuously researching and developing new breakthroughs, while resolving global environmental concerns.  Our primary objectives address 1.) calls to feed more than eight billion people without harming the planet, and 2.) creating treatments that eradicate environmental disturbances leading to the rejuvenation of our planet.



Janerette's Eco-Friendly Fungi realizes we must do more than simply create innovative eco-friendly products.  We understand that products alone cannot save our planet.  It also takes human contributions to truly have an impact in making a difference.  Janerette's fosters an organizational concept called "leave no footprint" where each employee lives a lifestyle conducive to making a difference.  Making the correct choices in reusing, reducing, and recycling at every turn possible in all facets of life, not just at work.  Everyone can all make an impactful sustainable difference.



Janerette's is on a humanitarian mission.  Supporting communities which support our efforts as well as those in need.  The "circle of life" is our foundation in working with different organizations (hospitals, educational institutions, shelters, etc..).  We look forward to creating sustainable partnerships with organizations we align.  

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